Terra Incognita
An Immersive Walk Through Experience

A Story Told Through

Virtual Reality, Media Installation and Performance 

Creative Director: Ilana Kirschbaum

Terra Incognita is a walk though media installation that mixes toy theater, live performance and virtual reality. 

The story follows Miranda, the daughter of a solo sailor who crossed oceans alone in tiny boats. When her father mysteriously disappears on the ocean Miranda takes a journey to try to understand what happened to her father. The project is based off real events in the life of director and animator Ilana Kirschbaum: 

"Solo sailors alone at sea begin to hear voices, and often talk about "ghostly presences". My father disappeared on the ocean and this project was written in the aftermath of those events. It is a project about the journey of a sailor across the ocean, and the journey of a daughter through grief -- a kind of contemporary ghost story. "
I created this  Miniature 3-d printed boat. It was projected mapped in the walk through portion of the show, the sails seemed to coma live with ghosts - and then guests were able to sail this boat in VR at full scale. 
I 3-d printed my digital model created in zbrush, 3ds max, and rendered in unity, 
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