Sea Change was designed to expose a sense of the helplessness  of two small character (made of string) afloat in the world that can never quite reach each other.  

I utilized of sensors, mirrors and layered translucent projection surfaces to create an interactive space that responded to the actions and movements of performers.

Animations reacted to actions of puppets and gesture in a small tank, which through projection, filled the room.  Movement of the silhouetted actors also changed the color of the animations. 
 Sea Change an Immersive Interactive Installation.  A small tank at the center of the room holds a miniature world. Two tiny people projected into the tank, made out of string struggling to find one another in a watery world.  As they struggling a larger hand pours water into the tank altering there small world and also altering the entire room. Sensors in the larger space detect motion and anytime someone moves in the space the entire room itself changes in color and tone.  
Visual Development sketches
Memories of reading ghost stories 
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